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  • Where did you get your Research Data?
    I obtained my research data primarily from the Near Death Experience Research Foundation (NDERF). NDERF has thousands of interviews each independently validated by the team at NDERF. I also obtained research information from Wikipedia, NDE Social Networks, White Papers and other sources.
  • Is there scientific Research being conducted on NDEs?
    There are a number of scientific studies on NDE's. You can find more information here:
  • How can you call it science with no physical proof?
    Dr. Jeffery Long said it best when he stated, “It’s a basic scientific principle that what is real is consistently observed.” We have little physical evidence of the field of psychology. For example, we know that Aspergers exist, but we don't know the physical conditions within the brain that cause it. But still we know it exists because we can observe a persons behaviour. When enough people observe the behaviour of someone with Aspergers they are able to quantify and describe it.
  • Are there funded bonified research programs on NDEs?
    Yes there are, many in fact. The book talks about some of these studies whilst you can dig deeper via this Wikipedia Page:
  • Do some people make up, or lie about having an NDE? And how do you know which ones actually happened?"
    Professor & Psychiatrist Bruce Greyson developed a scale to measure the depth of an individual’s near-death experience. The scale poses key questions rating the overall likeiness of the experience being an NDE. For example, this is how the scale is scored: Sum of items 1-4 = cognitive component Sum of items 5-8 = affective component Sum of items 9-12 = paranormal component (NDE) Sum of items 13-16 = transcendental component (NDE) Personally during my research I've found the most misleading NDE's to be from religions groups introducing their own belief systems into the facts of their NDE. For example, the overwhelming majority of NDE's speak at odds with what most religions consider to be the judgement of God. The covers this extensively.
  • I had an NDE, where can I report it?"
    You can share your NDE at the Near Death Experience Research Foundation: There are thousands of other reports on NDERF, you are not alone.
  • I had an NDE, people call me crazy, what should I do?"
    First you should know you are not crazy, and you are not alone. It's estimated millions of people have NDE's. Your experience was very real. Report your NDE at Personally I believe all that have had an NDE are truly blessed.
  • I had an NDE and it scared me, what should I do?"
    I would appreciate hearing about your NDE, but please only if it's geniune. First report your experience here and then use the contact form to contact me with the link of your report on NDERF.
  • Does you book talk about Heaven as well as Hell?
    Hell is the other side of Heavens coin. We can't talk about Hell without exploring Heaven. The book covers the subject of Heaven less extensively than Hell (there are plenty of books on Heaven already) but it does include statements from witnesses of Heaven as well. We also look at the relationship between Heaven and Hell.
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